Fortunately for our forefathers, they typically did not have to deal with sleet, hail and snow. Unfortunately for us Quebec based North American Jews, Sukkot sometimes lands during mid to late October on the Gregorian calendar and that can translate into cold, rainy or snowy weather. That’s where Awnings Etc. comes in. We are the awning specialists and can install a retractable or fixed awning as protective cover where your sukkah is normally erected. The benefits however are year round.

Retractable Sukkah Awnings

Retractable awnings can be installed either as a manual or motorized system. The awnings are custom fit to the requirements of your home and there is a multitude of fabric colors to choose from.

Fixed Sukkah Awnings & 4 Season Awning Curtains

Fixed awnings can be installed for year round comfort, we even have weather curtains that can be used to either act as the sukkah walls or as an environmental barrier on bad days should your customs not permit it.

Awning Installation, Repair & Service

Be it tears in your fabric or your retractable awning motor no longer works, we can help you. Awnings Etc can even service your awnings with a fabric removal and cleaning service.

Sukkot Awnings

Sukkot is celebrated annually on the 15th of Tishrei. Lasting for 7 days, the sukkah is supposed to allow us to imagine how it was living in these hastily erected homes used throughout the 40 years of travel through the desert to Israel. Typically meals are eaten inside the sukkah and the more observant sleep in them overnight.

Fixed annual Sukkot ordering dates

Obviously we hope that our clientele order their awnings early, however there is an annual “rush” on the order for the awnings between August and October. Ask your representative what the cutoff date is.

All our retractable awnings are manufactured in Canada.